Macodesc receives Sesi Obra + Segura seal, the first in Chapecó

By Macodesc | Geral | Posted at 17:27
The program consists of audits and promotion of good practices aimed at ensuring safety on construction sites. It is the third seal won by Macodesc

This week, Macodesc received the Sesi Work + Safe seal for the Âmbar project in Chapecó. The delivery ceremony took place on Wednesday, the 8th, with the presence of construction collaborators and Sesi leaders.

“Today is a very happy day for us. This is the third Macodesc work to receive the seal. This shows Macodesc's dedication to the health and safety of our workers.”, comments Gustavo C. Sott, civil engineer and construction coordinator at Macodesc.

Present at the event, the executive manager of Sesi/Senai/IEL for the West/Far West Region, Jardel Carminatti, highlighted that this is the first stamp delivered by Sesi in Chapecó. “Today is a moment of great joy, as we are delivering the first safer construction seal in the municipality of Chapecó. And for Macodesc, which is a company here in our region. Not long ago we had certified works there in São Miguel do Oeste and soon we will start another work, in another plant.”, he comments.

The civil engineer responsible for the Work, Gabriel Herbes, highlighted the team's involvement in winning the seal. “Receiving the Obra + Segura seal means that we are not on the right path and that it is possible to work in construction within safety standards. This way we managed to achieve our goal of arriving at the construction site in the morning in the same shape and returning home at the end of the day in the same way. Of course, we can't do this alone. We need the support of the entire team. And until then we have time to get everyone engaged. This achievement is part of the entire Macodesc team and our partner companies. We want to continue on this path”, he concludes.


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